Entis Pro

Redesigning a legacy tank inventory web application for the automation industry

Mentor - Karma Len, Director User Experience Design, Honeywell
Role : Senior Enterprise UX designer at Honeywell
Tools - Sketch, Invision, Principle
Timeline : 5 months | 2014

Image credits : Google

Image credits : Google

*How might we design for the automation industry

Honeywell Performance Materials and Technologies (PMT) is a global leader in designing and creating high-purity, high-quality performance chemicals and materials and software-based systems to safely and efficiently operate complex industrial facilities.

As a design lead, I conducted stakeholder mapping, touchpoint analysis workshops and heuristic evaluation to define Experience Outcomes (XOs) to deliver clear UX metrics planning & deployment system.

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Entis Pro is a real time tank inventory management system. It is a web-based solution for facilitating, monitoring and controlling the distribution of petroleum, bio-fuel products in a tank farm. It monitors and controls all critical processes to ensure smooth and safe tank operation. With its Enhanced real-time monitoring capabilities reduce the frequency of spills and fuel pilferage.

Original Entis pro screens

Original Entis pro screens


Design process & road map for planning design sprints

design workshop.png
Studying the existing designs to understand problems

Studying the existing designs to understand problems

experience outcomes.png
Sketches and explorations

Sketches and explorations

Tank Detail_15.png
02_group_side bar.png
Group Detail View_00 copy.png
Group Detail Screen.png

Digital wireframes to explore various information layouts to build proper data hierarchy.