How do you tackle obesity?


The project aimed to design a solution to make weight management easy for the urban population who are obese or are simply concerned about their health. Frame is a smart mirror which keeps a visual record of the changes in the user’s body over a period of time, to tackle obesity. It is paired with a tile which is both a weighing scale and a bio-metric scanner for authentication.

KalluMirror_Final (Converted)P.gif

Project Details

Team - Kalyani Tupkary & Rucha Joshi
Video - Michelle Parmar
Mentor - Subir Das

My individual contribution to the project included -

Primary research using various tools (online surveys, in-person, telephonic interviews, focus group discussions, observational research at the Hypoxi Centre, Bio-sculpting centre, Talkwalkar's gym and Balance Workout in Ahemdabad), data analysis to find the intervention area, idea generation followed by concept simplification, figuring out the UX flows for the mirror and storyboarding for the video.