A ruler to measure an infinite line


Role : Product Designer
Timeline : 1 month | March 2013
Tools : Rhino, Keyshot, Laser cutter, Metal working

"Borderline revolutionary, the Flip Scale is a finite tool for infinite measurements." - Yanko Design

"Flip Scale is a limited device for unbounded estimations!" - 123.Design


Can you measure an endless line?

The length of a ruler, however long, will always be limited. To measure larger lengths with a 15 cm long ruler, one usually moves the ruler every time, after marking the end with a pencil or pen. This task is cumbersome while carrying a longer ruler can also be inconvenient.

Can this task be simplified? Simply 'Flip' this ruler to measure any length of distance

Flip involves simple manufacturing techniques with two moving handles that are secured by rivets. It combines the robustness of metal and the transparency of plastic with an additional strip of bright colour. The stainless steel edge gives a cleaner, smoother edge that can be used with a variety of tools including sharp paper cutter without causing any damage to its edge.

The transparency of plastic lets you slide the ruler across the page and still view the drawing under. The polycarbonate plastic offers a scratch free surface and does not decolourize over time. Its thickness allows you to easily lift it off a completely flat surface without struggling to grip the edge. It is a standard length ruler of 15 cm that can be carried around easily.

flip_in use.gif

This fun ruler can flip a countless number of times to measure indefinite distance without the need of pencil/ pen to mark the end. Just hold one of the handles and flip the ruler from its end. Continue doing it until you reach the desired distance.