*Can you make a timepiece with mere elemental forces?


Align is an entirely mechanical chronograph that lets you measure a specific span of time. Since the challenge was to create without using electricity, this time-keeper runs on the gravitational force. The piece takes its inspiration from the domino effect and depicts the same in form of a cascading wave. It is a physical representation of the passing time. It beckons you to re-look at time by making you aware of its transient nature with the visual and auditory cues.

DSC_0329 copy.jpg

Various types of wood were tried during the experiment. Balsa, one of the lightest, least dense woods was chosen as it produced a soft delightful sound.

The time measured depends upon various physical parameters like the height at which this object is placed (gravitational force- potential energy), the weight of the piece attached, the radius of the pulley, friction, the size of the bars etc. 

This elemental chronograph was imagined as a tiny table-top accessory that would let you count a set number of minutes. This is a 4x scale model of the same.

This project was done during during an exchange programme at the Hochschule Pforzheim, Germany. Language barrier led to a range of challenges from material procurement in a new city to prototyping in the workshop, handling German machines. The project could not have been completed without the help from Nadine, Madlen, Dimitris & Nick.