I am a Product Design graduate of the National Institute of Design, India currently learning to be a creative technologist at the Design & Technology department (MFA) in the Parsons School of Design. In the past I have worked as a User Experience designer at Honeywell International Inc.

Here are some notes to self that have shaped my projects.

Frame unique questions to pull, push and sometimes break boundaries. Bring your brain as well as your heart to work. Observe, engage, explore, experiment, iterate, fail, and then iterate again. Small is beautiful and powerful. Design thinking is tiny tweaks to the system to make the largest impact. Be poetic. It fuels creativity. Don’t sell a product, tell a story instead. Make objects that tell stories through small joys and sensory delights. Make them personal. Make them emotionally durable. Design with a conscience. Create things that will wear in not wear out. Find a sweet-spot between analog and digital, between logic, endearing details, and pure fun. Work at both macro level systemic thinking as well as minute craftsmanship. Work with a paradox, combine distinct aspects, blend art, design with technology, maker culture with design activism, data analytics with storytelling. Be a maker, get hands dirty. Keep tinkering. Learn the craft. Maintain a journal, a sketchbook, record new experiences. It sparks new ideas. 

Learn to unlearn.